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If you’ve scrolled this far, you’ve probably already figured out, I’m Leah Lane. Over the past 21 years, I’ve learned many things: be flexible, don’t piss off hair and makeup, and six slices of dollar pizza is always better than your bougie coffee brewed by a hipster that’s spent days caressing the beans in his mother’s basement. And now, a smooth transition from your privilege or, lack thereof, to mine. So much that I’ve been able to learn throughout my life has been possible due to my access to the arts and education. It’s become a goal of mine to make sure that access like this is made more widely available through as many disparate platforms as possible. I also have this belief that the material we put out into the world should be an accurate reflection of those portrayed. Crazy, I know. In bidding you adieu, I’ll leave you with some wise words I overheard a father trying to drag his two young daughters out of Central park saying, “Come on girls, hurry, the world’s changing.”

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“OH NO! What have i done?!”

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A Roller Rink Temptation - 2018
by Catherine Weingarten — Presented by the Dare Tactic




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